01. The [resources] of our planet are being strained to the limit by our vast population.
02. Too many parents in this country simply don't have the [resources] to feed or clothe their children properly.
03. Canada is a country which is rich in natural [resources] such as lumber, fish, and clean water.
04. His experiences travelling on his own throughout Asia have made him a very independent, [resourceful] person.
05. Our company simply doesn't have the [resources] to take on a project of that size.
06. Walt Disney once said that a country's greatest national [resource] is the minds of its children.
07. Family members of the lost hiker say he is very [resourceful] person, and can live in the forest for weeks if necessary, and are confident he will be found alive.
08. Oil companies have a long history of collaborating with repressive governments to extract valuable [resources], with little concern for the people who live near them.
09. In our $28 trillion global economy, the problem of child poverty is obviously not due to a lack of [resources].
10. While Bangladesh is not a rich country, it has fertile farming land, and a [resourceful] population.
11. John Kennedy once said that the human mind is our fundamental [resource].
12. My mom was an amazingly [resourceful] person who could make almost anything we kids needed while we were growing up.
13. Lack of dependable rainfall has made water an extremely important natural [resource] throughout Libya.
14. There are 6.1 billion people who are all currently relying on the [resources] of the same small planet.
15. We cannot attend to every stimulus in the environment for the simple reason that our nervous system has limited [resources].
16. Poor people often know what they need to overcome their problems, but lack the [resources] to act.
17. Mankind's consumption of the Earth's natural [resources] is proceeding at an incredible rate.
18. The comic opera of the late 1700s represented people in familiar situations, and required only modest performing [resources].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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